The Basics of Games

What is a computer game and what does it consist of? Why and what games hook you? How do the players learn by playing? How do the players identify themselves as the avatars?

Understanding Games

A few days ago I found the answers to all of these questions in the series of interactive lessons by Andreas Zecher. The author calls his lessons as games and it can be proven by the definition of a game, which you’ll learn from the first episode. The teaching is presented as the dialog of two pixel-based characters Bub and Bob. Why are they pixel-based? All is explained in the game.

You can read thick books or you can learn the basic concepts in a few tens of minutes from those games. They are produced in English and German. Who should try ’em? Those, who have never played anything and think about computer games just as about time wasters. Those, who have just got interested in game development and dive into that area little by little. And all the others.

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