A Personage in Berlin: Uncle Spring

In the gloomy evening of the fall, a grey-headed old man with a bunch of olives trod into a Spanish restaurant. He chose an interlocutor, came close, created an eye-contact, took an old-styled horn-shaped bike signal from his bosom, and pointed the handle to the sitting man to push it. The benevolent and interested visitor of the restaurant seized the handle. “Beeep” was heard in the noise of conversations.


Then the old man showed his hand rubbing his thumb to the index and middle and having “And now pay for this!” in mind. The visitor of the restaurant shook his shoulders not understanding (or not wanting to understand) this circus. Then the old man slapped a bank-note of 50 € with his face on it onto the table: “If you have no money, I’ll give you some!” After that the old man went to the next table.

50.99 €

Others call him a mad old man, but he looks like a crazy creative to me. So, if you ever get in touch with him, either don’t play his games, or pay for the entertainment.

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