Sunday Celebration: a Crow in Hell

We all feel like in hell in the face of crisis. Let’s learn how to get out of water dry. Let’s move the stress of life to the stress of playing a game before the beginning of the new week, new decisions, and the new bunch of optimism. This weekend I offer you a game where a shot raven flies in the dungeons of hell trying to get out back to life and take its revenge on the offender. That’s “A Crow in Hell”.

A Crow in Hell

The gameplay kinda combines another two good games: the flash-based NoName Game where you have to move a dot throughout a maze without touching any walls, and Ecco the Dolphin on Sega where the avatar controlled by the arrow-buttons has its momentum and acceleration. The player of “A Crow in Hell” has to use arrow keys to fly throughout a labyrinth separated by screens, and collect keys, but touch no other objects. Even when the progress of the game is saved into a browser cookie every two screens, it seems silly that the crow can’t alight on a bench, stairs, or other safe objects.

The hell of the last week was kind of painted. This one is graphic and two-colored. The details are done very precisely and nicely, but the crow itself reminds me a buzzard more than a crow from its face. If I didn’t hear the cawing from time to time in a tragic background music, I wouldn’t believe that I am flying as a raven. The area of the game is of 650 pixel height, so if you want to play it in the resolution of 1024×768, you have to hide all browser bars, go to the full-screen mode (by pressing [F11]), or play in a popup window.

Games of progression like this one usually don’t attract you when they’re completed once, unless the player is offered different branches of scenario or levels, or if the player is motivated by competing against other players. Until the end of October the players of “A Crow in Hell” were offered to compete against each other who would fly throughout the whole hell fastest. The winner got a T-shirt with the branding of the game (I’d actually like to have one).

The game is quite difficult. I completed just a little further than the screen in the illustration. Anyway, it’s fun, that I can continue from where I finished and I don’t have to start from the beginning all the time. I suggest you to try it!

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