Tricksy Adventure

This story has been told close friends for hundreds of times. But if you haven’t heard that yet, then listen!

Dovilas wrote me in Facebook that they give free food and drinks at the center of Hessen in Berlin, to commemorate the Independence of Lithuania. So I decided to go there, to have some Lithuanian conversations and fortify myself with non-junk food. He wrote me the address. I looked at the Google Maps where the place was located. And then I went there after work.

While going through security guys, I thought: “I see a lot of people inside. The party should be here”. I passed a hall full of seats where a conference or something had just finished. There were many journalists around with microphones and cam recorders. Further on I reached plenty of sedate-looking people standing at tables. They picked food and drinks from a buffet, went back to their tables, and had a bite.. But I couldn’t find any Lithuanians. Ehm.. Then I texted Dovilas asking where he was. While waiting for the answer, I took a plate of mutton soup to fill up my rumbling stomach. It was exactly what I needed. But somehow I didn’t feel comfortably. Everybody was suited and solid whereas I wore jeans and a hoodie. I was eating the soup, all the time searching for other Lithuanians and trying to avoid confrontations with security guys. Dovilas replied: “I am standing at the entrance and drinking wine”. But I was sure, he wasn’t there. Later we clarified I was in a different party. Lithuanians gathered on another side of the street.

Thanks to google maps that their search results by addresses are shown in the middle of a street instead of above houses.

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