Understanding Yourself (Even If You’re a Girl)

People say that it’s difficult for men to understand women. Women sometimes don’t understand men. Also sometimes it’s difficult to understand yourself. Lately Karolis twittered about an article, which summarizes the knowledge of popular-psychology books from the point of brain activity. It would be a pity to forget all that stuff, so I will mention here what’s the most important:

  • Brain always tries to decrease the danger at first, and only then to get rewards as big as possible, i.e. people tend to be too cautious even when it would be more worthy to risk. That’s the tricky principle of how the brain works.
  • Too much uncertainty seems dangerous. There is a feeling that we might suffer because of that. So we try to avoid uncertainty.
  • The capacity of consciousness is small, therefore we make mistakes in different areas, including the guess what makes us happy.
  • A possibility to manage emotions is limited, it becomes wasted very quickly, so it should be used quickly to be effective.
  • Wishes and purposes tell the brain to which information to pay attention.

It all sounds quite difficult. But, believe me, the original was even more complicated! Let’s not end this post with such confusion. Let’s better watch the presentation about the differences of women and men’s brains.

P.S. No, I am not a sexist. The title is like that just to catch your attention. :D

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