HalmaStar Screenshots #0004

All of a sudden I will tell you about the latest updates of HalmaStar game website.

In the last half of a year I worked at the game about 10 days all in all. During that time I added user profiles, information about logged-in users, interplanetary ticket system, and some more. Also the style was tweaked. Unfortunately not everything has been tested.

The avatars of the game are aliens called insighters. As that is related to sights, I copied the idea of faces with four eyes from the internets.

I still have these tasks on my TODO list:

  • Counting time for one move. After half minute of inactivity, the time goes down.
  • Animation for increasing and decreasing of points.
  • Player statistics when the cursor is moved above the player name.
  • Robot opponent (at the moment it’s only possible to play against live opponents).
  • Target positions marked with different colour.
  • Facebook Connect for login.
  • Viral video or video about the prehistory of the game.

If you have any ideas or critics, I accepts all that here in the comments, in the feedback section of the website, or at a cup of tea.

One thought on “HalmaStar Screenshots #0004”

  1. fbook log in Imo is very good idea. if one is not a “die hard halma”fan, a casual gamer might be discouraged to sign up, and make a new account, just for one game. plus might be you can grab theyr profile pictures for avatars?
    (seems u have other ideas on avatars, but that’s just thoughts) anyways, nice to see u moving forward!

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